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Flapping the flag in Newfoundland and Labrador.. a holiday sport

Dec 31st, 2004 | By Counterweights Editors | Category: Canadian Provinces

From inside the assorted urban, suburban, and exurban walls of Canada’s current largest metropolis it is hard to know just what to make of Newfoundland premier Danny Williams’s holiday season “flag war over equalization payments.” To review the background quickly, under Part III, Section 36 of the Constitution Act 1982, tax dollars from more fortunate [...]

Happy holidays .. and hockey blight in Canada

Dec 17th, 2004 | By Dominic Berry | Category: Sporting Life

The National Hockey League is the one half-serious example of Canadian cultural imperialism extant. So when the front page of Canada’s national newspaper moans “NO DEAL, NO TALKS, NO HOCKEY,” on December 15, you know something is?half-seriously amiss at the north pole. As far as what is to be done practically goes, only fools will [...]

Mr. Martin goes to Beijing

Dec 11th, 2004 | By Counterweights Editors | Category: Countries of the World

The text of Paul Martin’s December 6 speech to the Canada-China Business Council in Toronto has given Canadians some initial glimpse of their federal government’s emerging thinking on the new Chinese role in Canadian development. And with the US magazine Business Week‘s recent talk about the “massive shift in economic power” towards China now underway, [...]

Mr. Bush goes to Ottawa

Dec 2nd, 2004 | By Counterweights Editors | Category: Ottawa Scene

Belinda Stronach, the new and still cute Canadian Conservative MP from Magna International (who has also had lunch with Bill Clinton, or some such thing)?may have made the most sensible point about George W. Bush’s low-key official visit to Canada, November 30/December 1, 2004. It was not so much a first act of the second [...]